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How we do Business

Wisconsin Cheese Group is a leader in product and packaging innovation. Whether it is a more convenient package for consumers, a more efficient process, or an entirely new product or product line, our research and development team is constantly commercializing new ideas. Whether you are a consumer, retailer or private label partner, our aim is to bring new value to the industry, week after week and year after year, to meet the needs of an ever-changing marketplace.

In the U.S., the Hispanic population is experiencing tremendous growth and stands at more than 42 million representing $561 billion in buying power. Wisconsin Cheese Group is committed to meeting the needs of the emerging Hispanic Market while welcoming new users who love the flavors of Latin America and beyond.

Quality and Value

Especially now, more than ever, consumers are extremely cautious of the origin of their products. And with due reason! At Wisconsin Cheese Group, we understand the need to demand only the best quality, as we too have families to protect. Products from Wisconsin Cheese Group have had a strong reputation for quality and value, thanks to the dedicated efforts of our manufacturing team. We have rigorous food safety requirements and our cheese is required to pass a 4 system check for perfection in every vat.

We have a Zero tolerance system for any result that were to come back different then what we expect. We hold only the highest standards when it comes to impeccable product quality. We have annual silkier audits and are in total compliance with all FDA and USDA requirements. We follow stringent regulatory requirements and have regular quality assurance inspections.

The quest for improved quality continues as we always strive to enhance and assure the quality of our cheese. Our never-ending obsession with quality and perfection underscores our commitment to provide our customers with the best Hispanic cheeses available! So go ahead, indulge!